Wellness Dental Discount Plan

No Insurance? Check Out Our In-House Plan

It’s not uncommon for our patients to have medical insurance, but not a policy for dental. That’s why we offer The Wellness Dental Discount Plan, a private membership dental discount plan.

The Wellness Dental Access plan is designed to provide individuals, families, and businesses cost-effective options to ensure their oral health.

Wellness Dental Access offers affordable dental coverage if the dental plan offered through your employer is insufficient, or if you are self-employed or retired.

The benefits of The Wellness Dental Discount Plan include:

  • 35% discount toward all dental services for the year
  • No dependence on a 3rd party insurance carrier

With convenient options and an exclusive network of dental professionals from which to choose, affordable dental care is just a phone call away.

We also accept most major credit cards, personal checks, money orders and cash payments. If you have questions about financing your dental treatment, call River Valley Dental today and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you have.